Are you stuck in your work?

We sometimes underestimate how important it is to feel happy with your job. When things are not going well, you also feel less happy in the private sphere. It is all the more important to ensure that you function well here. 


I guide employees, managers and directors in leadership development and burn-out/bore out complaints. In an intake interview, we discuss the question together and map out the approach. This path can cover various aspects, such as assertiveness training (role play), learning to communicate effectively and presentation techniques. I also like to use the DISC methodology; a thorough test for mapping preferred styles of behaviour.

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Burnout is often caused by deeper, wrong beliefs.  Because of this, you find it difficult, for example, to refuse something or to say no to someone else. You have a tendency to perfectionism or you over-question yourself. You're good at downplaying problems. However, when you go towards a burnout, you can no longer ignore it. A burnout also harbours new opportunities. We set out to discover new ways that fit your "nature of the beast". We start with a plan of action and in addition to working with focused objectives; you learn to take a break. Step by step you will discover your horizon again.

Personal leadership

By further developing personal leadership, you can grow as a powerful, successful leader. A leader who takes clear decisions, is authentic and inspiring to colleagues. By reflecting together, you learn to understand and improve your own behaviour in order to create more support within the organization.
You are most valuable when you are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. During the conversations, we don't just look at you in your environment. You are not only an employee or employer, but also a parent, partner, son / daughter and friend. In every role, you want to be meaningful and you want to get energy from it. We look for situations and possibilities in which you come into your own strength and feel the most balance.

Executive coaching

As a director or manager, you have many responsibilities on your plate. You have vision, make strategic choices, give direction, inspire and enthuse. You will only be able to handle these responsibilities if you are competent and vital in all respects. You know your own strengths and weaknesses and know how to deal with them. I will help you with this development. We look at your motivation and reflect on work situations. Private situations are taken into account, if necessary.

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