Therapeut Monique Rosier

To whom do you entrust yourself?

You put your story in good hands with me, Monique Rosier. You can best characterize me as cheerful, empathetic, solution-oriented and also as a bon vivant. My philosophy for happiness: live in the moment as much as possible and enjoy the little things. Since 2007 I have been guiding clients with requests for help in the field of relationships, family, work, loss and grief.

Until I was 35, I worked in business. I have been involved in collaboration processes, change and culture processes and relationship management. Following this, I supervised improvement plans, career paths, team building and communication improvement projects for both profit and nonprofit organizations.

Every human being takes stock a few times in life. Then there are questions such as: 'Am I still following the right path? Does this still suit me....' For me, this question meant that I have shifted the path a number of times. . Studying Integral Psychology brought me the depth I was looking for. Integral Psychology is a model that focuses on the development of healthy individuality. It is a model of consciousness that strives for well-being through growth and creativity. In this form of guidance, we work with different theoretical models, tailored to the "language" that suits you best.

My mission

I want to give you the feeling that they are in the driver’s seat again. That you find meaning in the difficult situations that life irrevocably places on your plate. Being able to move forward yourself, just do not be afraid for sand in your shoes and regain your balance.

I am satisfied when partners have found their way together again or have been able to close it in agreement with each other. Especially, when children are involved. For more than 15 years now, I have been guiding couples and families through relationship tensions with fine results. My motto: you can separate well as partners, but as a father and a mother you are forever connected to each other. So, when you separate, do it right. 

Another passion that I like to focus on is working with expats. The different cultures fascinate me and I like to help bridge cultural differences.


  • Integral psychology graduated in 2002
  • Personnel and Labour NCOI 2007
  • Basic psychosocial and medical knowledge completed in 2015
  • Family Constellations course completed in 2018
  • Training Table Setups 2018
  • Training Autism and relationships
  • Grief and loss trainings, continuous since 2016
  • Trauma and loss training
  • Training Personal Storytelling
  • Couples therapy: EcT, continuous since 2016
  • Lectures on love, death and mourning processes ongoing since 2016
  • Breathing techniques and visualizations, continuous since 2002

  • Buddhist philosophy, continuous since 2019

Affiliated and registered with the VIT, VvAa, RBCZ and SCAG.



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