The practice will move to:

Bredestraat 4, 6211 HC Maastricht,
in the premises of Galerie Artichoque.

You will recognise the location by the practice sign on the windowsill next to the entrance.


Do you have a question or do you want to make an appointment? Please contact us via the form below. I will answer back within 24 hours.

Do not continue to walk around with sand in your shoes. You don't have to do this alone.

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Your provided data will be used selectively by Practice Integral Psychology, in line with the purposes of the professional association and in order to fulfil them. Such as: The Practice of Integral Psychology does not provide data to organisations/parties that do not serve the purpose of the practice. The Practice has a processing agreement with the website builder and with the administration office. If the Practice wishes to use your data for a reason other than that mentioned here, it will ask you for your permission.


Location for appointments:  
Bredestraat 4  
6211 HC Maastricht.

Appointments online also possible.

For training:
Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt
Weert 9
6222 PG Maastricht

+ 31 (0)6  14359675 



Public transport

Parking is available at both garage vrijthof and OLV square.


Route garage Vrijthof


Can be reached on foot or by NS bike from station. Bicycle parking is around the corner: Minckelerstraat.



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