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In my practice in Maastricht you can get help with stress and tension, depression and bereavement. Working online is also one of the possibilities. We work on awareness of thought patterns. We work on the improvement of the relationship with yourself, so that you will experience balance again in all areas of your life.  Positive psychology, mindfulness, breathing, focus on healthy resources in your life are the techniques we use. If necessary we also look at your history to discover what thought patterns you have built up and examine whether they still serve you or stand in your way.

Treatment proposal and method.

In my practice you can receive help dealing with stress, tension, anxiety and depression. In addition to the relationship help questions, bereavement processing is an important area of attention. In consultation the following methods can be used: biographical work, systemic work, awareness of subversive patterns and the so-called false beliefs through homework and writing exercises, breathing and body awareness, connecting communication through ECT: encountered centred therapy. 

For workrelated issues, there are the following possibilities: DISC-test, an online survey that indicates behavioural styles and preferred behaviour, assertiveness training with actor, presentation techniques with a roleplay training with actor.

Regaining balance between heart and head, between feeling good and functioning well, that's what we're going to focus on. You learn to distance yourself, so that you will gain insight into your own behavioural patterns. Recognizing and aknowledging these will help you to start living from your strength.


Loss of a loved one, of your health, your job, a divorce or the hope of a child. There are many forms of loss. Loss is part of life. When it happens to you, you don't always know how to deal with it. Loss is often accompanied by anger, gloom, feelings of powerlessness, or thought patterns in which you can get stuck and come to nothing... Physical complaints are part of this. Think of insomnia, lethargy, restlessness, palpitations and little appetite or lack of sense and meaning. 

Bereavement is an organic process

Loss or grief cannot be weighed or indicated in stages. It's as bad as it feels. Grieving is an intensive and organic process. Normally, therapy is solution-oriented. However, not in a grieving process. It takes a long time to accept a loss and integrate it into your life. Most people like to be in control. With a loss, you have to learn to admit that you don't have that. I believe in Buddhist philosophy. When you dare to look at reality, you can learn to live with it.

Sadness can become softer when you use certain rituals for it. Using rituals also means that you take your grief seriously and do not want to or can no longer ignore it. Grief processing is learning step by step and giving yourself permission to light the fire of your own life again. I am happy to help you with this transition process. Together we look for the meaningful aspects in your life and the footholds in yourself. Do you want to know if there is a click? Let's meet.

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