Couples therapy Maastricht 

The step to couples therapy is often based on the desire to understand each other better. Every relationship has its phases. During the start of a relationship, a certain dynamic is built up. In a next phase, the reality of everyday life comes up and then you have to deal with the negotiations about the household, the upbringing and differences about intimacy or finances. A little later, difficulties may arise, disputes or having to deal with complicated matters such as an affair. Or you are considering an open relationship. It can all too easily happen that you get stuck in differences of opinion.

No relationship keeps going well on its own. Continuing to invest in this together can be a challenge. The key? Learn to communicate in a connecting way. A relationship can only succeed if two people feel seen and heard, when there is respect and the will to (learn to) understand each other.

Nowadays there is a search going on for new forms of relationships. For example, composite families have become very common. But is that really so common? It requires an exceptional effort from all family members to make something nice out of it. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. Seek help in time to gain insight.

Couples therapy is also valuable if you break up

Even if you decide to separate, relationship therapy can be valuable. You've spent a number of years together. Thanks to good guidance, you learn to let go of each other respectfully. Especially if there are children. As a partner you can divorce, but as parents you are forever connected to each other.

How does couples therapy work?

Learning to communicate in a connecting way is an important part of couples therapy. I can help with that. To start with, we come together for a first acquaintance. Is there a click? Then, we make a number of joint agreements. If desired, individual conversations can be part of the therapy. In these sessions, we look at deeper personal questions that can have a negative impact on the relationship. If a relationship no longer feels good, that does not necessarily have to be the end. By learning to feel and recognize each other's needs, you can learn to change the dynamics in a relationship.

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